Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick update on The Philosopher's Stone

I have changed TPS many times in the past year and a half, but the core idea is still to be a collaborative story telling RPG that feels like a traditional RPG. The latest version of it is called Death of the Vele and the (lame) website is here It has a link to the latest rules.

Wow, taking a look at the old rules, I see that I have streamlined the mechanics a LOT since last year. They are simpler, lighter weight, and more intuitive. There are also tools to promote more integrated and structured stories (spotlights, hitting aspects, etc.). Death of the Vele also adds a back story (which you can remove if you don't like, of course).

I'm hoping to publish Death of the Vele within the next 12 months. In the mean time, the rules are out there for free, so anyone who wants to can use them.

Here is the feature list from the latest copy of the rules:
  • Collaborative, but feels like a traditional RPG
  • Your characters are yours
  • Supports campaign-length stories
  • Game play stays at the table
  • Characters don’t always do their best -- sometimes they have an off-day, even if their stats say they’re fine, but this is your decision
  • The Right of Challenge -- if the other players don’t buy it, you can’t do it
  • Show, don’t tell -- a lot of communication happens through scenes and events
  • Answer questions with scenes -- if players want to know, scenes reveal the answer
  • Characters are naturally “woven together”
  • Your characters will get the spotlight
  • Supports visiting gamers